Hasht Architecture Group



Production of forms Without limitation using new combinations of FPP, in the form of in-place or prefabricated molds, suitable for architectural Projects, furnitures and etc.

Around Furniture

Architecture is a scale of a button for a dress or a piece of furniture for a space or a space serving a city and smaller and bigger than these.

The 360-degree surrounding furniture is a prototype of a mutated DNA for purposes beyond reach, which now, after several months of its construction, has become a part of our office space.

DIGITAL FABRICATION technology has been used to make this furniture. GFRP material has been used to make the main body, which can reduce the final product's weight while having the elasticity and resistance necessary for people to sit and put the furniture in a very suitable condition for transportation and use. Also, the use of embroidered leather for the upper part has helped us to make the furniture feel more comfortable for the audience for continuous use.