Hasht Architecture Group

Aban Hospital


Tehran | Karimkhan | 2019

The interior design project of the daily care department of Aban Hospital was entrusted to us in a very unfavorable condition. The design's main focus was to create a space in the daily care department, while paying attention to the health of the environment and the architectural design principles of the hospital, could provide the spatial quality of biotherapy in the space of the daily care department. On the other hand, our effort was to create a type of design strategy that can be developed in all other parts of the Aban Hospital space as part of the visual identity of the complex. Based on previous studies, it seemed that the most important thing that can provide the patient's comfort in the treatment environment is the keyword "importance and respect".

So, we tried to go to the designing phase with this in mind. We started the work by functionally dividing the space into personal cells that can create the best service in a group space but with the ability to personalize for the patient. Lighting, air conditioning, color theme, a collection of practical therapeutic plugins, comfort facilities, and finally the ability to control the transparency of the space served this concept.

We avoided the use of sharp lines in the design of the space so that the therapy space, while creating fluidity and simplicity, establishes a smooth and hassle-free dialogue with its audience.

Type: Healthcare

Location: Karimkhan, Tehran

Client: Dr. Ashtiani

Design Team: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Elaheh Sadeghi, Ali Ahmadi, Mitra Mohammadi

Construction: Hasht Architects

Date: 2019