Hasht Architecture Group

Administrative Building of Power Research Institute


Tehran | Shahrak-e-Gharb | 2018

As an example of the free flow of energy, a fluid shell was initially enveloped around the building. Through the intentional development of illumination lines, an effort was made to stimulate increased dynamism and vibrancy within the facade's architectural composition, thereby encouraging audience engagement and a sense of exploration beyond it. After that, due to the greater functionality of the windows and the expansion of the visibility, we moved the shell a little away from the building and considered it semi-transparent, and finally by creating horizontal lines in the shell, in addition to making it easier to implement, we emphasized on the horizontal axis and We tried to create more intimacy in the space. Further, by extending the green space in the building, we gave freshness to the building as if the green energy of the environment gave new life to the fluid flow of the building.

Type: Office

Location: Shahrak-e-Gharb, Tehran

Client: Eng Nezhadi

Design Team: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati, Ali Ahmadi

Graphics: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Ali Ahmadi, Elaheh Sadeghi, Shaghayegh Beyrami

Area: 2000 square meters

Status: Designed

Date: May 2018