Hasht Architecture Group

450-unit residential town of Al-Beyragh


2022 | Iraq | Samaweh


The employer of the 450-unit Al-Beyraq residential town project in Samawah City in Iraq contacted us while looking for new construction and implementation solutions and creating added value in the direction of branding as one of the reliable construction brands among its competitors in southern Iraq.

Over the years, Hasht Architects have been studying, researching, developing, experimenting, and testing new materials with modern technologies and implementing them in architectural and construction projects, including the study, construction, and implementation of GFRP structures with in-site or precast techniques, polymer concrete, light concrete, and its derivatives, improved cement facade with nano-polishing technology, which problems such as color change, cracking And it corrects the surface pollution that architectural projects are involved with.

In the southern part of Iraq, severe weather fluctuations and environmental pollution and fine dust will reduce the lifespan of buildings. The client's request was to use modern construction technologies in the implementation of the building in a way that would solve the construction problems of the region. After familiarization and experience with the materials and implementation method, the employer asked us to be present as an executive consultant in the construction of the project.

Type: Residential

 Location: Samaweh - Iraq

Client: Ali Al-Yaseri

Construction: Hasht Architects

Area: 30000 m2

Status: Running

Date: 2022