Hasht Architecture Group

Andisheh Square


Yazd | Showra Square | 2021

Considering the distinctive characteristics of the contemporary world, monologue is no longer responsive and cultural spaces cannot be effectively established through the use of symbolism. The notion of the field has undergone a transformation in contemporary society, it is a space that produces a field exactly according to its name. Showra Square can be regarded as a field characterized by the presence of human constituencies. A fully interactive place for human presence and human interactions. This square is a contemporary response to the public space, a space for the coexistence of events and the possibility of dialogical conditions. Showra Square is a place for events and creates a space for dialogue. Showra Square seeks to make memories, forget and create a sense of belonging to the space, which is created by linking to the past on the one hand, and with the worldview and ontology of contemporary humans on the other hand. The efficacy of memory can be enhanced through appropriate associations and connections with the context of the project. How does the field create memories for me? By recording memories or creating forgetfulness, the field becomes a part of my existence. For this, we must become a part of the field. Here, by removing many elements of space and replacing them with humans, two goals have been pursued. Initially, as an integral constituent of space, humans have been incorporated into the spatial entity. Simultaneously, due to the unstable position of humans, space acquires the quality of a field. Thus, man is part of the project of linking elements of the city. Humans who connect or break the field to their surroundings. A space created with human elements has an unstable, floating, active, and unpredictable quality, and of course, these qualities help create memories. Showra Square is a meeting place and a place for revelation, and a possibility for the presence of all people at all levels so that a meeting may take place to discover another world.

Type: Civic

Location: Showra Square, Yazd

Client: Yazd Municipality

Design Team: Reza Sayyadian, Sara Kalantari

Project Manager: Mehrdad Zavareh Mohammadi

Senior Design Associates: Shahab Ahmadi, Ali Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati

Design assistants: Faezeh Tabatabai, Sepideh Jafari, Behnaz Afzali, Sepideh Moghadam, Shakiba Ghanadan, Hassan Barzegar, Niluofar Samimi

Graphics and Presentation: Hasht Studio, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Fatemeh Arefirad

Area: 30,000 square meters

Status: Designed

Date: April 2021