Hasht Architecture Group

Baft Residence


Tehran | Qanat-e-Kosar | 2016

The client wanted an interior design and classic look for a five-story residential building in the TehranPars district. The reason was assuming the classical facade is more pop culture. Our mission as architects and specialists in this matter was to provide a richer design, towards a more compatible architecture with Iranian and local identity, to meet the desires and tastes of our clients and the future market of buildings. Considering that it was a residential apartment, legibility in the facade and a sense of belonging, security & tranquility in the residents were essential. Materials and colors have a special meaning for the public perception of facades, so We used brick and wood to create a sense of calmness and security in the citizens. To get closer to the rich Iranian architecture, we brought one of its identifiers, "Fakhr-o-Madin" to the facade. The staircase was located on the facade so we decided to display the bright shadow of "Fakhr-o-Madin" completely on the staircase. Using self-repeating geometry, we enlarged the pixels of "Fakhr-o-Madin" framed the east and west parts of each floor as one large pixel, and tried to combine a pleasant rhythm of these pixels on the facade. We needed a special and impressive item to create a sense of belonging in the facade. An item that blends with the facade and expresses the flow of life in residential architecture. For this purpose, turquoise blue terraces were chosen, which represent the blue sky in traditional Iranian architecture. It is as if the sky is placed in brick frames and then we randomly repeated it in several terraces. In the design of the interior, we used pure plates and simple lines, and we also brought bricks into the interior. We covered the cracks resulting from the columns sitting in front with flat plates to make the space appear bigger and more uniform. On the ground floor, the entrance to the building was located in the parking lot. Our idea to separate the entrance from the parking lot was to define a virtual cube that three sides, namely the entrance wall, ceiling, and floor, which will be turquoise and direct people to the entrance.

Type: Residential

Location: Qanat-e-kosar, Tehranpars, Tehran

Client: Eng Mohammadreza Nikfar

Design Team: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati, Maede Massah, Naghme Olfat, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Construction Consultant: Hasht Architecs

Area: 320 square meters

Status: Built

Date: December 2016