Hasht Architecture Group

Container office


Tehran | Sorena St. | 2022

The activation of a building's latent potential to narrate the story of a fascinating business.

Type: Office

Location: Sorena St. , Abbas-abad, Tehran

Client: Mr Arafi

Architects: Iman Hedayati, Shahab Ahmadi,

Design Consultant: Mostafa Delavari

Phase I Design: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Phase II Design and Detailing: Iman Hedayati, Seyyed Khalil Hosseini

Interior Design: Nilofar Mohammadzadeh

Modeling and Presentation: Nilofar Mohammadzadeh, Shaghayegh Beyrami, Ali Ahmadi, Mitra Mohammadi

Construction: Hasht Architects

Electrical and Mechanical Facilities: Hasht Architects

Construction Supervision: Iman Hedayati, Danial Arabali, Mohammad Nazaripour

Photography: Mitra Mohammadi

Area: 900 square meters

Status: Running

Date: December 2022