Hasht Architecture Group

Egle Villa


Tehran | Lavasan | 2018

The Egle Villa reconstruction project was officially submitted to our office in November 2017. The site was located within the appealing region of Fashm the current status of the project included a garden and a small building in its northernmost part.The most important potential of the project can be its presence on the mountainside and its proximity to a roaring river.

Based on this, the topography of the site took the main role in the design process. It is as if the topographic layers of the earth take on a new role every time. And in this way, they pull out the living soul of the earth from beneath its arduous exterior and enhance it. The balanced presence of cold and warm and hard and soft materials and colors next to each other creates a unique display of the experience of life and the struggle for immortality along with the roaring song of the nearby river comes to the fore.

Type: Villa

Location: Egle, Lavasan, Tehran, Iran

Client: Eng Fotouhi

Design Team: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Elaheh Sadeghi, Ali Ahmadi, Parvaneh Alinasab

Graphics Design: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Shaghayegh Beyrami, Ali Ahmadi

Area: 8000 square meters

Status: Designed

Date: November 2018