Hasht Architecture Group

Jamshidieh Small-scale Villa


Tehran | Niavaran | 2016

Project Description:

Prior to constructing the project, we were tasked with repurposing a modest edifice situated at the entrance of the site, initially designated for the client's personal office, into a temporary residence for the client through a quick renovation.

Available potentials:

The significance of the project lies in its strategic positioning at the entrance point of the site, serving as the initial prominent structure visible upon arrival. As a result, this edifice holds the potential to exert a considerable influence on the entirety of the project.

Pathology and challenges confronting through the design process:

The design faced two main challenges. To begin with, the extremely Brief time that was available for the design and execution of the project, and then the multi-functionality of the space and the fact that the villa was to be used as a residence in a limited period of time and as an office in another period of time, the decision faced a challenge in relation to the spatial organization.

General design strategies:

Our general decision to organize the project was to have the least amount of interference as a reconstruction project with existing limitations in terms of time, and for this purpose, we left the definition of functional areas to the materials.

Design proses:

We started the design process by determining functional areas. Therefore, activities were separated on the upper and lower floors. The floor in direct proximity to the entrance was identified as the lower public area, while the upper floor, accessible at the second level, was designated as the more secluded and private space. Then we defined functional duals for each domain. In terms of the public space, we considered the living room and reception area and guest room. Alternatively, in the official state, the waiting room, reception and office. For the private area, we maintained the same room arrangement that could be used for the living of the residents of the house during the residence and as workrooms in the office. Also, with more intervention, we also changed the roof of the project a little, thereby introducing more freshness into the project space. After determining the spatial strategies, we organized the floor, walls and ceiling to some extent by choosing materials that could be shared between the two residential and office areas.

Project Construction (problems and solutions):

According to the specifications provided by the client and the existing conditions, all stages of design and implementation were done simultaneously and within a strict timeline of 2 weeks, this experience was quite intriguing for our team.

Type: Residential

Location: Niavaran, Tehran

Client: Eng Saeed Fotouhi

Design Team: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati,Maedeh Massah, Naghmeh Olfat,  Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Shiva Hakimian

Construction Consultant: Hasht Architects

Photography: Saeed Fotouhi

Area: 300 square meters

Status: Built

Date: June 2016