Hasht Architecture Group

Kordan Villa


Alborz | Kordan | 2015

The design of the project was entrusted to another company, but due to the employer's dissatisfaction with the previous work plans, it was introduced to our office. The site was located in one of the towns around Kordan, and one of the client's wishes in the design was to create a suitable swimming pool and as much green space as possible on the site. Our overall design strategy was to optimize the placement of the villa while concurrently enhancing the dimensions of the front garden. So that, the pool would be placed in front of the villa. We considered the volume of the villa as an L shape to provide more light to the interior spaces and to create privacy for the pool in front of it. But the pool still did not have the necessary privacy. So it was relocated to a lower floor and provides maximum privacy for the pool and the underground space that was left unused was transformed into a cozy space with a different spatial quality. Next to the swimming pool, an all-glass space was designed for playing billiards and fire sometimes to warm up the gathering on the cold winter nights, it’s also a peaceful place where you can see the sky. In this way, the movement began at the start of the garden and went past some stone fireplaces, over a suspension bridge, and ended up at the entrance.

In the interior design, we observed the simplicity of volume and facade design. We made the staircase go around the fireplace to make it look nice and feel warm upstairs and to have a different experience from the first floor to the second floor. By creating a cantilever on the roof of the second floor, we created a large terrace on this floor and the feeling of a beautiful suspension in the volume of the building. In the space behind the villa, we considered having a barbecue area and a play area with sand, and a swing for kids in the backyard by the kitchen.

Type: Villa

Location: Karaj, Alborz

Client: Mr Karimi

Design Team: Hasht Architects

Area: 350 square meters

Status: Designed

Date: August 2015