Hasht Architecture Group

Mother Pavilion


Mashhad | Bagh-e-Melli | 2022

The notion of transparency is endowed with multiple interpretations. The introduction of new technologies and the creation of innovative materials have led to the emergence of a novel architectural concept that has been regarded by some as a noteworthy development in the field. While others consider it one of the most important characteristics of traditional Iranian architecture. The evolution of architecture throughout history has been towards transparency and architectural expression, thereby diminishing matter and increasing space, so this trend has shown itself more clearly in Iranian architecture, and the Islamic worldview that rules this land after the presence of Islam in Iran. And believes in the principle of the evolution of existence from the material state to the spiritual state, the acceleration of said process is facilitated. In Iranian architecture, we witness the combination of appearance and meaning, which defines the appearance of Iranian architecture in the transparency of its spaces, which includes spatial hierarchy, rhythm, spatial movement, continuity of light and darkness, continuity of spaces as well as correlations.

On the other hand, Mothers are the jewel of the ring of creation, the song of existence that gives life, and her look means all the kindness of the creator, and the clear tears of her eyes have the clarity and brilliance of rubies in the sky. Therefore, the essence of the mother of interpretation is transparency and purity.

Transparent shells were utilized in the mother's pavilion to encapsulate a virtual box, symbolizing the mother's innate and unblemished presence within the human body. In the next step, in order to create a dynamic relationship between the audience and the pavilion, an attempt was made to project images of the mothers of Iran on these semi-transparent screens. In this way, the presence of the audience in the pavilion is compared to being in the arms of a mother. Furthermore, what can be deemed as more aesthetically pleasing and unsullied than such an experience?

Citizens have the option to capture their personal photographs utilizing the camera embedded within the pavilion and add them to the cycle of images displayed in the pavilion, which is a dynamic example of the public's engagement with the urban landscape.

A telephone is present within the pavilion that rings randomly at different hours. At the receiving end of the communication channel exists an automated female voice, purportedly originating from the ethereal realm, conveying claims of having received telephonic communication from heaven; one talks to her mother and one to a sister, each to a lost loved one. Has a strange miracle happened? When news of these strange calls spreads, people flock to the pavilion to be a part of the miracle.

The pavilion elicits an abstract sense of motherhood in its audience. In order to have a role in this city event, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers can go there and upload their pictures to the data center with the application designed for this purpose.

The pavilion elicits an abstract sense of motherhood in its audience. In order to have a role in this city event, daughters, mothers, and grandmothers can go there and upload their pictures to the data center with the application designed for this purpose.

The implementation of this pavilion is considered very simple and economically feasible materials. In this way, its roof is made in the form of a truss with a height of 30 cm using LSF light structure, and it sits on four 100x100 profiles, and all its connections are screws and rivets, Further, it is covered with a layer of 10-millimeter fiber cement sheet. The board has been enveloped and is characterized by both its reasonable cost and its superior durability, and it is made into one fabric by using the color of the roof structure. The technique employed in fabricating the lower platform is analogous to that described earlier, with the incorporation of a high-density carpet material onto its surface.

The curtains have been crafted from fabrics with Nano-scale compositions that offer resistance to both stains and dust, and after the sewing process, the upper part is placed inside the aluminum holders according to the designed forms, and the lower part is filled with lead strips to be held by force. The weight itself created the desired form. For the exciting part of the pavilion, we decided to write a computer program that is embedded in the data center, where people can connect to it through a wireless connection and upload their photos, and the software after confirming the content randomly places them on its screen. This immersive display conveys a captivating interplay of hues and illumination, resulting in a delightful merger of images.

Type: Urban Pavilion

Location: Mashhad, Bagh-e-Melli

Client: Mashhad Municipality

Design Team: Ali Ahmadi, Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Graphics Design: Hasht Studio

Area: 64 square meters

Status: Designed

Date: January 2022