Hasht Architecture Group

Nashtarood Hotel


Accommodation, Entertainment and Tourism

Mazandaran | Nashtarood | 2016

This Project is a complex with an area of 13,000 square meters including different uses such as fruit gardens, a Japanese garden, a greenhouse, and residential such as a hotel and villas. In the initial design, they did for the site, a rectangular space of 10 x 100 was taken into consideration as the prospective location for the hotel. The hotel design was subjected to a competitive process involving numerous consultants. Ultimately, our proposed plan was deemed the most optimal solution, warranting its progression through subsequent stages toward eventual implementation. Studies adopt a multi-dimensional approach to conceptualizing the hotel's design, taking into consideration both its intended use and geographical positioning: creating the feeling and features that evoke the cultural and architectural heritage of the northern neighborhoods, and creating circulation with a portico around the floors. According to the climate, the incorporation of apertures in the building's form to facilitate natural ventilation, and the seamless integration of the building's form with the local landscape to optimize the visual experience of the surrounding scenery. With these ideas, we entered the volume design. Initially, we considered a rectangular cube with east and west elongation thereby enabling us to exploit the optimal of favorable lighting conditions. Subsequently, an aperture was fashioned at the central region of the structure to optimize both the ventilation and the panoramic spectacle of the verdant mountain range located to the south of the lodging facility. In the subsequent step, we inclined the openness in design, whereby the natural contours of the mountains serve as a source of inspiration, and the incorporation of the mountainous backdrop into the design will enhance the spatial quality. Subsequently, an arc was incorporated into the design to expand the scope of visibility, while the edges of the structure were curved for the purpose of mimicking the organic morphology of sand dunes. On the other hand, to connect with nature and context, shells were raised from the ground and sewn to the body of the volume, and the volume was designed as a part of the substrate.

We designed a small lake in the south of the hotel in harmony with the volume raised from the ground, which exhibits a naturally-formed structure, with trees springing forth from its central region. Furthermore, several outdoor cafes have been strategically stationed in its vicinity to cater to visitors. On the other hand, regarding the entrance part of the hotel, to define the entrance and make it more inviting, we designed the path and squares in accordance with the volume form for pedestrians to pass and turn around and taxi stops. In this current phase of development. Due to the different strategies and special forms that we used in the design of the volume and space around the hotel, the redesign of the remaining areas comprising the entirety of the 13,000-square-meter complex was requested. Therefore, with the idea of using fluid and natural forms, we redesigned other parts of the site.

The previous linear and perpendicular trajectories were modified to incorporate a dynamic contour. In accordance with the configuration of the site, the parking and service areas were strategically placed along the route form in various segments. The villa area division has undergone a modification and has been merged with other segments to some extent

Type: Residential-Commercial

Location: Nashtarood, Mazandaran, Iran

Client: Kowsar Cooperation Institute

Design Team: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati, Maedeh Massah, Naghmeh Olfat, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Structure Design: Shahin Daneshgar

Photography: Mitra Mohammadi

Graphics Design: Maede Massah, Naghmeh Olfat, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, with special thanks to Ali Ahmadi

Area: 13000 square meters

Status: Designed

Date: August 2016