Hasht Architecture Group

Nikan Information Technology Company


Tehran | 2017

This site was formerly designated as a bookstore. Which had several rooms and a central dividing space. The client expressed a need to establish an area capable of accommodating the professional activities of a team comprising 18 employees, including a central waiting area and a designated management space. Based on an analysis of available areas and the proportions of the spaces, we selected the workspace with the greatest overall expanse and most significant length as the primary work area. In the longitudinal extension of the room, we considered successive partitions to create semi-private areas for the employees' work. At the end of the space, we considered a part for the purpose of relaxation and seating.

The primary concept was developed through the utilization of information technology networks as indicated by the corporation's users. Connected lines collided at common points and evoked the range of communication in the virtual world. In this way, we connected the ceiling and the wall. We used point lights in the shells and semi-transparent surfaces in the partitions to strengthen the virtual feeling of the space. The primary hue selected for the space was light blue, drawing inspiration from the pervasive color in the realm of technology.

Type: Office

Location: Fereshteh St. , Tehran

Client: Eng Sabzevari

Design Team: Hasht Architects

Graphics Design: Hasht Studio

Area: 184 square meters

Date: August 2017