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Iran | Kish | 2020

Pixel: The recreation of the Grand Pier of Kish

A social network is a social structure that consists of groups, which are connected by one or more specific types of dependence such as common ideas and activities.

The results of various researches indicate that the capacity of social networks can be used at many individual and social levels in order to identify problems and determine their solutions, establish social relations, manage organizational affairs, public policy and guide people on the path of achieving goals.

In the current situation, the attractions and capacities of social networks, on the one hand, and the special circumstances of our country due to economic pressure, Corona disease, etc. On the other hand, has increased the use of virtual space and reduced human interactions in the real world, and this is a serious concern for our society, especially the new generation.

The Pixel Project (Kish Social Network) is a dynamic and changeable hardware-software platform that aims to connect people-to-people, people to city, city to city and city to people; to create an urban social network in the whole island and even between neighbor islands, that its approach for the existing axis is playfulness. The hardware of this network is the physical space of Kish (architecture) and its software is the application connected to it.

This platform can be the link of urban, recreational, economic, cultural and social services of Kish, and through it, users can earn points by purchasing plane and hotel tickets, recycling, complying with the city rules, helping to preserve the environment, etc. and use the earned points for entertainment services in the existing axis.

Utilizing an application (software) and combining it with the real urban space (hardware) knowledgeably, in the form of a path with an entertainment approach on an urban scale can turn this axis -and on a larger scale the entire island- into an important potential to attract tourists. Even boost the economy and most importantly to be a place for dynamic human interactions.

The entertainment approach was chosen, since games (especially group games) can be an attractive language for creating common and attractive activities for human interactions and enlivening urban spaces. Iran's culture is full of leisure activities that can create a new form of literature in combination with modern technologies to establish interaction between different generations.

In fact, we saw the whole route as a big urban puzzle, each of its pixels works like the parts of a living organism, interacts with the users, they create it, and changes every moment according to the user's wishes, and turn the entire route to an active urban structure.

The users of this axis would experience a collection of dynamic urban furniture, smart and changeable shades, digital libraries, virtual reality gallery, and responsive surfaces with the ability to display entertainment. As well games, scientific and cultural content, open-air cinema, team games, escape room, Competitions to display and discover talent, interactive games between the real space and the application, suspended restaurants in water and an attractive collection of virtual space content are experienced in the form of real space.

Type: Entertainment

Location: Kish - The Grand Pier of Kish

Client: Kish Free Zone Organization

Design Manager: Ali Ahmadi

Studies: Elham Nouri, Ali Ahmadi

Principle Architects: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati

Design Team: Ali Ahmadi, Shahab Ahmadi, Nilufar Mohammadzadeh, Iman Hedayati

Graphics Design: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh, Seyed Khalil Hosseini, Fariba Pasha, Fatemeh Arefi

Thanks to Danial Arabali

Presentation: Nilofar Mohammadzadeh, Seyed Khalil Hosseini, Fariba Pasha, Fatemeh Arefi

Thanks to Danial Arabali

Status: Designed

Date: 2020