Hasht Architecture Group

Polour Villa


2019 | Mazandaran | Polour

The definition of the project was the renovation of an old villa in the Polour area. The cold and snowy weather in winter and the client's recreational use of this villa led us to change the structure of the roof to make it sloped and continuous with the body. The high slope of the area required a stepped pattern. We tried to create the required activities and access between the floors and the yard in a new and more dynamic way using this model. Changes in the level of transparency of the building (such as enlarging the windows of the pool facing the beautiful view of Damavand while preserving privacy) and the materials used inside and outside (to create a sense of distinction between inside and outside and make the villa iconic) were among other goals which were considered in the design process.

Type: Residential

Location: Iran, Mazandaran, Polour

Client: Dr. Siyasi

Design Team: Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati

Area: 500 Square meter

Status: Designed

Date: July 2019