Hasht Architecture Group

Zaferanieh Restaurant


Tehran | Zaferanieh | 2016

The new use of the building was defined as a restaurant with a combination of open and closed spaces on two levels. We were entrusted with the task of designing the entirety of the work. The restaurant was for Iranian cuisine, so an authentic Iranian ambiance was essential. We considered traditional Iranian architecture and looked for new ideas in combining traditional architectural elements. In order to sequence the interior space and create spaces for the placement of tables that are separated by virtual boundaries, we tried many combinations of arches until we finally achieved the desired combination.

Also, in the design of the open space of the yard, with the aim of preserving the existing trees, we created a new combination of four arches, which in one place became a privacy for the tree and in another place for seating areas intended for familial gatherings. On the other hand, we tried to combine the pure volumes of furniture with natural space. For the roof, we intended to use warm and natural materials in combination with traditional forms. In order to achieve the intended objective, wooden arches were fabricated and timber was commonly employed in the construction of gazebos and furnishings. While designing the façade, we took the morphology of the arch into careful consideration, in order to extract a novel façial appearance and composition from it. This involved transforming the original features of the arch into a new structural form with smooth, unbroken shells that flow seamlessly from one point to another.

Type: Commercial

Location: Zaferanieh, Tehran

Client: Eng Saeednia

Design Team: Hasht Architects

Area: 350 square meters

Status: Designd

Date: September 2016