Hasht Architecture Group



2021 | Tehran | Pasdaran st

The project was entrusted to us while its lower ground floor (parking lots) was built. The previous design of the project by other architects was classical. But our client demanded a different attitude to continue the work after several years of construction pause.

We started the process of designing the project from the issue of "contemporaneousness". The concern that brought the employer into the design issue. The Pasdaran area is one of the original neighborhoods of Tehran, where its residents have lived from generation to generation. The passage of time and the increase of immigration to Tehran on the one hand and the value of every meter of apartment, on the other hand, caused many changes in the neighborhood equations of Tehran city, the destruction of old neighborhoods, and the creation of new neighborhoods.

In the design of this project, we tried to look at the building as a quasi-vertical neighborhood on a new cultural scale, to deal with the interaction of generations and cultural and lifestyle differences. The residents of the units were not specified in advance. We tried to design the units in such a way that the possibility of introversion and extroversion in a selective manner is possible for the users of the space in each of the units. Therefore, in the distribution of mass and space, by dividing the building transversely into three hypothetical axes and sliding the base module along the axes, private, semi-private-semi-public, and public spaces are placed together in such a way that while preserving the privacy of the view, the ability to use have an open and semi-open space and with the help of movable openings, provide more freedom of action and dynamism to the audience in different situations and according to their needs.

Various service spaces such as children's play space, collective and multifunctional spaces, library, swimming pool, exhibition, conference hall, shared spaces, etc. are considered that provides more opportunities for interactions between residents. Also, a greenhouse was planned in the lobby space, which visually connects the interior and the yard, and provides a favorable space for solitude, meetings, and short-term gatherings.

The structural system of the building was designed based on the axes of the previous columns and in such a way that the aligned columns play a role as shear walls. These walls, while playing a structural role, can create more privacy for the open space of the units by separating the sight lines.

Type: Residential

Location: Tehran - Pasdaran St

Principal Architects: Shahab Ahmadi - Iman Hedayati

Design Team Manager: Ali Ahmadi

Design Team: Aida Rastegar, Atieh Torabi, Fatemeh Ghafouri

Graphics and Presentation: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Area: 900 square meters

Year: 2021

Status: Designed