Hasht Architecture Group

Danone's Central Office in Tehran


(Danone Dairy Pars)

2023 | Tehran | Argentina Square

The interior design project of Danone's central office was entrusted to us in the winter of 2023. In 2007, the French company Danone started doing business in Iran under the name "Danone Dairy Pars" to grow their company in the Middle East and improve people's health and nutrition there. Danone Dairy Pars Company has set its goals to match Danone's worldwide goals of providing healthy food to as many people as possible. They are working with the slogan "Danone, One Earth, One Life. "

The project was located on two floors, where one floor was a public space and the other floor was a workspace, and the complex had about 35 employees, which were supposed to reach 60 people in the coming years.

We began the design process by designing a questionnaire for the employees. The questions were about the details and quality of life of the employees of the complex and their daily experiences of being in the space. The results of the responses were that most of the employees complained about two issues, the first issue was that most of the employees mentioned the lack of standard environmental qualities and its negative impact on their performance. Another issue was that they expected to experience a different work environment and identity compared to the branding of the collection as a prestigious international company.

As usual, we started with Circulation diagrams which helped us to find places to address All our concerns. Many unused spaces were found in the space structure, which could be a logical alternative for the development process such as Document archive space, warehouses, etc. In zoning, we tried to separate the activities into specific areas and remove the definite boundaries, so that by creating intermediate spaces, more fluidity is created in the space and the level of intra-organizational interactions increases. In the other part, while redefining the previous spaces, we injected rest spaces into the complex as an integral part of the contemporary bio-administrative concept, so that it can increase the overall efficiency of the complex in the long term while observing the standard non-stop working time. Transforming the restaurant space into a multi-functional space (for rest, play, meeting) and changing its location in order to benefit more from the standard natural light was one of the most effective parts of this plan. In the other part, by designing the furniture according to the needs of the employees and guests, we tried to respond as much as possible to the variable parameters in the ergonomics of the space.

In the physical part, we also tried to reach the design language according to the organizational slogan of the brand by studying the brand book and organizational identity of the collection. Paying attention to preserving the earth and the friendship of man with nature is the message that Danone calls his audience to. This issue can also be seen in the graphic font with children's handwriting that is used by Danone in the graphics. Therefore, we also paid attention to the same genome in space processing. So, by injecting softness into the pure volumes, we tried to reduce the seriousness of the walls while maintaining the spatial reading, and thus speak to the audience with Danone's childish expression.

Type: Offices

Location: Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran

Client: Danone Dairy Pars

Design: Hasht Architects, TDC Office

Principal Architects: Sara Kalantari, Reza Sayadian, Mohammad Qaffari, Shahab Ahmadi, Iman Hedayati

Design Team: Mahsa Dorchei, Ali Ahmadi, Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Graphics & Presentation: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh,  Ali Ahmadi, Mahsa Dorchei, Farnaz Agahi

Construction Manager: Farshad Fakhimnia

Area: 600 m2

Date: April 2023