Hasht Architecture Group



Tehran | Lavasan | 2022

Gardenia, Started from a diagram based on the answer to a common problem between 4 families. 4 sisters who wanted to have their own villa in Lavasan, while the area of their terrain was not enough to become 4 separate villa units. It seemed that the vertical expansion of the building's sur and possibly a combination diagram of two different types of housing, i.e. apartments and villas, could be the Solution. As a result, a structure consisting of 4 duplex villas interwoven with courtyard spaces was born, which we named it Villa-Apartment. The design process of the form was also based on the location of the terrein relation to the Latian Dam. The building was located at the intersection of two intersecting axes, one perpendicular to the direction of the building, which had a wonderful view towards the Latian dam. Also the axis parallel to the extension of the building, which did not have a strong visual potential and instead was seen from the side of the neighbors. So, we considered the panels towards the axis of the Latian dam, which would simultaneously create a pure frame towards the existing landscape and hide the privacy of the open and semi-open spaces from the view of the neighbors.

Type: Residential

Location: Lavasan , Tehran, Iran

Client: Mr. Niknam

Design Team: Hasht Architects & Studio Ghaffari

Area: 2500 square meters

Status: Running

Date: September 2022