Hasht Architecture Group



2022 | Tehran | Lavasan

Gisoo project is presented in the form of a new type of housing called Villa-Apartment. The request of the project is to respond to a necessity in the new decade which is to have the independence of villas and the security of apartment houses together. The diagram of the project consists of 4 interwoven duplex residential units, the middle courtyards of which are their common areas. Gisoo is a metaphor for the image of the aunt who is the main employer of the project and plans to experience the new season of her life in a different space, where she has the relative independence of the villa houses and is not too crowded and in the large terraces of the yard that can be used for gardening and spending leisure time, and the security and conveniences of an apartment are included in it, and one can socialize with neighbors of the same age there, drink tea in the evenings, chat in the shared spaces & don't get bored.

Type: Residential

Location: Lavasan , Tehran, Iran

Client: Mr. Niknam

Design Team: Hasht Architects & Studio Ghaffari

Area: 2500 square meters

Status: Running

Date: September 2022