Hasht Architecture Group

Green box


Tehran | 2012

In December 2015, the reconstruction project of a commercial unit in Valiasr street was handed over to our office. Since the 40s, the store was used to sell furniture, and now the employer wanted to renovate the store and turn it into a food court.


The small width of the shop compared to the required usage and the multi-story nature of the shop (most of the area was underground), reduced the attraction of the audience and the invitation to the restaurant.

Grand design strategies: 

Our general strategy for the design of the store was formed in such a way that first attention was paid to the location of the building, which was on Valiasr Street, and also more attention should be paid to inviting the store inside.

Design process:

Due to the attraction of more audiences inside and the restaurant being more involved with the entrance street, we set the building back one opening and by creating a semi-open space and special furniture at the entrance, we tried to attract as many people as possible to pass by. also the use of wood and green color in the facade, inspired by the plane trees of Valiasr street, emphasized the identity and location of the building in this historical street.

Type: Commercial

Location: Tehran

Client: Mr Ahmad Akbari

Design Team: Hasht Architects 

Area: 300 square meters

Status: Built

Date: December 2012