Hasht Architecture Group

Hasht Architects' Office


2019 | Tehran | Mirdamad

Hasht Architects’ Office project was designed based on the current needs of an architecture studio. The project was important for us because it should show the intellectual model and strategies of dealing with the space in the project, which started from one of the most common challenges of urban zoning in recent decades, i.e., the transformation of the structure of a space with residential use for the purpose of administrative use. For this purpose, we first compared the physical diagram of the existing space with the functional diagram required for an architecture studio. In this communication process, various dialog diagrams were obtained, the most effective of which was the relationship between spatial granularity and function allocation. Therefore, by equating the current processes in the living space with the similar activity in the architecture office, we tried to reach an opening in the matter of zoning the functions: diagram in the interior design of the space, we tried to create a contrast between the concepts (open-closed), as an architectural practice. (Transparent-solid) and to expose different implementation methods and details to the space experiencers.

Type: Offices

Location: Mirdamad, Tehran, Iran

Client: Hasht Architects

Design: Hasht Architects

Graphics:  Hasht Studio

Area: 170 m2

Date: 2019