Hasht Architecture Group

Professor Hesabis Memorial Monument


2016 | Tafresh

We flipped through the seasons of professor Hesabi's life and found many treasures. Before he was the father of the physics, he was a high-ranking professor who went forward through every ups and downs in his life to fine the infinite truth. the truth that enlighten the whole universe.

In this way, he revealed the secrets of existence throught lights and shadows which is life-giving to his garden of existance.

The whole world is made of movement, and since every manifestation of movement is virtual, then the whole world of matter is virtual. Every movement needs a stimulus and a guiding factor. He moved with awareness and reached the infinite frequency, where, according to his teacher, the wavelength becomes zero and only one hole can be seen in front. He created a hole of awareness that lights the way for those who follow his path.

The desire of the organizers of the competition is to create an urban open space for the social interactions of the people of Tafresh along with the design of the tomb of Prof. Hasabi.In order to respond to this need, a definition of urban open spaces must first be provided. These spaces are a place for people to gather, communicate with each other and spend free time. While we need a space next to the tomb of a prominent figure like Dr. Hasabi, which, while responding to the said needs, invites people to think and reflect and creates an opportunity for people to get a deep experience of spiritual connection with nature.It is also requested that the current tomb be preserved. A tomb that was built by Dr. Hasabi himself and is of great importance in this respect. (However, according to our research and a visit to Professor Hasabi's museum in Tehran, the plan presented by him is a combination of the basics of physics and Iranian architecture, which has discrepancies with the current building.)

Answer to the requested needs: construction and revival of the current tomb, creating an urban space for urban events, creating a field for students, elites and researchers for research and innovation (what the professor always emphasized).

Tomb design:

Where?...... Tafarsh

For whom? ........Professor Hesabi


  • It is one of the 3 gardens cities of Markazi Province.
  • It has rich architecture and nationally registered buildings. "Ghanat-e-Shesh-Nav" is one of the oldest and most representative of these buildings.
  • It has Chahartaqs from Zoroastrian times, including Kabootaran Chahartaq.
  • Famous characters in history have been Tafrsh people. including Nizami Ganjavi, a poet of the 6th century.

Professor Hasabi:

  • Professor Mahmoud Hasabi is only known as "Father of Iranian Physics" among people. While physics is only a part of his life.
  • He had a deep connection with nature, which can be seen from his lifestyle and travels, which are mentioned in his biography, from the atmosphere of his home in Tehran, which is full of various plants, and from the appearance of the tomb in Tafresh is understandable.
  • Professor Hasabi was well acquainted with traditional Iranian poetry and music, and Western classical music, and was proficient in playing the Ney, harmonica, violin and piano.
  • He had left Iran in his childhood because of his father's job, and because of the events after that, he did not return to Iran until his youth. But in all these years, he never forgot Iran and his family home, which was the reason for his return to Iran.

On the other hand, his life course is very thought-provoking:

  • He was born in 1281 in his father's house in Tehran.
  • He went to Beirut at the age of seven. The father left them and they suffered incredible hardships.
  • He went to school and after that he studied various fields of study, including: Civil Engineering, Astronomy, Medicine, etc.
  • Physics: He discovered his main interest and talent and it became the turning point of his life.
  • He returned to Iran. He created new honors and trends with great growth in Iran.
  • He passed away in 1371.
  • After him, his legacy continues...

The Planning of this complex includes 4 main parts:

1. The social interaction section, in the park, includes: poetry and city porch, science and thought porch, space for ritual performances, tourist guide kiosk.

2. Professor Hasabi's tomb section including: Father's House (including Omr Gallery, Father's House porch and Light Gallery), Physics Gallery, path to the tomb, Professor Hasabi's tomb.

3. Science and Culture Collaborative Section, including: Library, Research Institute, Elite Foundation, Collaborative of Elites and Students, Cultural Products Store.

4. Side spaces include: cafe, restaurant, amphitheater, office use in the elite foundation on the project site.

Type: Cultural

Location: Tafresh

Design Team: Hasht Architects

Status: Designed

Date: 2016