Hasht Architecture Group

IBLO Gallery


2023 | Mashhad


The renovation project of the central showroom of the Iblo Furniture Gallery took place in Mashhad. The client was looking for a way to revive the vital principle of this business.

The project was located in a commercial complex and at the corner of two access roads, and due to the different scenarios available for the audience's entry, it was not possible to define a precise axis for entry and prioritization for entry or exit. Due to the asymmetric geometry of the store, we tried to change the definition of the store to a gallery by removing the definitive border between this space and the common areas of the commercial complex, so that the audience can freely make different choices for entering, exiting and visiting. Of course, there was another reason for this. The slogan of the Iblo brand was to change the lifestyle with the approach of simplicity and avoiding luxuries, and it wanted to present this message to the audience in all its communication elements.

We started the design process from spatial organization. In placing the functions, we tried so that the space, like a fluid cytoplasm, can freely present its internal content to the audience, and with a democratic spirit, provide customers with different scenarios for display and entry and exit.

In the physical part, we tried to take advantage of the user's anatomy in different positions of standing, sitting and sleeping, and we placed fluid and semi-transparent plates that have common codes with the product and organizational slogan of Iblo as narrators in the space as the main actors. The stage means to display the products of the collection in the best way. These two-sided plates are made of metal mesh and provide different capabilities for connecting or removing and adding and lighting products on them so that the spaces can be changed in a short time like a stage.

Type: Commercial

Location: Mashhad - Iran

Client: Iblo Furniture Gallery

Principle Architects: Iman Hedayati - Mohammad Ghaffari - Shahabi Ahmadi

Design Team Manager: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Design Team: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh - Ali Ahmadi - Mahsa Dorchei

Detail Design: Mona Assadi

Graphics Design: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh - Ali Ahmadi - Mahsa Dorchei - Farnaz Agahi

Construction: Iblo Group

Area: 196 m2

Status: Running

Date: November 2023