Hasht Architecture Group

Palanir Factory


2015 | Tehran |  Shamsabad Industrial City 

In January 2015, Palanir Company entrusted the design of a factory in Shams Abad Industrial City to our company. The building should primarily meet the client's functional needs. Therefore, in the first step, we measured the ratio of open space to closed space and considered the necessary functions in the form of general sections at the level of the plan. A part for carrying and unloading cargo, a part for office space, and a large part for workshop space. In the next step, the important part of the design was the lighting of the spaces. The office space should be fully lit. The workshop space should not receive direct light and the skylights should be placed at a height. For more readability of the collection, we decided to consider the breakdown of functions in the volume of the building. Therefore, we designed the office building as a separate cube that is combined with the workshop section.

Our idea in designing the facade and volume was to use cube-shaped volumes to represent the factory's products as well as Palanir company's barcode. We put the bar code on the facade and considered the protrusions and light reflectors between the lines of the bar codes. We designed the office volume with wood material to induce a warmer environment than an industrial space. Also, the use of the corporate color of the company and the raw material of the factory in the facade became more and more prominent and the audience paid more attention to the factory's products.

Type: Industrial

Location: Tehran-Shamsabad Industrial Town

Design: Hasht Architects

Client: Palanir company

Status: Build

Date: December 2015