Hasht Architecture Group

Zall Residence


2023 | Tehran | Tehranpars

The Zal residential project was entrusted to us in the neighborhood of our previous project, Cedar. The client was the Zalis, who were Senior and noble residents of this neighborhood. Zal (white hair) was the name we gave to this project. The project tried to present a new and contemporary image of itself while looking at the old and villa texture, now in the form of an apartment. The project was defined as a single unit and its goal was to be able to evoke the feeling of independence and openness of the old house for its new residents by creating a nationwide terrace. We continued the terrace in the kitchen section, with the difference that in this section, we tried to create a semi-transparent state by creating a fluid shell. In the interior design, we tried to present a common narrative of the hall in the form of a continuum to the audience by stretching this design language into the space.

Type: Residential

Location: Tehran - Tehranpars

Client: Mrs. Zali

Design Team: Iman Hedayati - Shahab Ahmadi - Ali Ahmadi - Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Interior Design: Mahsa Dorchei - Ali Ahmadi

Detail Design: Mahsa Dorchei - Fatemeh Morovati

Graphics Design: Niloufar Mohammadzadeh

Coordination Manager: Farnaz Agahi

Manager of Contracts: Ali Alavi

Area: 310 square meters

Status: Running

Date: 2023